Financial Growth & Rewards

HuastecaMXToken has great potential for a short investment. Buying a HuastecaMXToken will give you a return on investment of around 60% just for the value of the Token. Since the plan is to sell the token at the ICO to buy a chick that has 40% of the value of a Mature chicken. As the chick grows, the value will also increase by around 60%.


The HuastecaMX farm will grant rewards to KYC Qualified Waves Wallets with HuastecaMXTokens. The rewards will be purchase of  by the Farm at DEX, with the money obtained from the eggs sold daily. Rewards have nothing to do with the Farm's performance, rewards will be awarded according to the amount of HuastecaMXTokens in the KYC Qualified Waves Wallet.

  • 10 to 50 HuastecaMXToken 3% Rewards

  • 51 to 99 HuastecaMXToken 5% Rewards

  • 100 and more HuastecaMXTokens 11% Rewards

Market Share

Our market share is a key part of the project. The following are the three main markets that the Initial Investors will be able to sell their HuastecaMXToken.


Egg resellers: Egg resellers from the Huasteca region will have to purchase a certain amount of HuastecaMXTokens from the DEX so they can be sent to the Farms Waves wallet to place orders. The next day, after showing the deposit of the rest of the money, they will receive the order of eggs. Each receipt will be available on the website. The farm is focused on having the best price in the business, this will give you a very flexible total sale price to offer egg resellers.

HuastecaMX Farm: With the daily income of the eggs sold, HuastecaMX Farm is going to buy HuastecaMXTokens from the DEX to send them as rewards to the qualified wallets that have HuastecaMXTokens.

Investors: This project is the best project to invest in the Waves platform, and Secondery investors will also be part of the market share, as the farm will continue to grow and in the future one HuastecaMXToken will represent more than one chicken. As the farm grows, investors will see the need to invest in the project.

ICO Process

HuastecaMXToken is a Startup company with strong growth potential. The ICO process is crucial for this potential growth, not only for the farm but also for Investor Initials.

The Objectives Of The ICO Process Are The Following

  1. Sell ​​HuastecaMXToken at a low price but enough to buy a chick and build the Dwelling

  2.  HuastecaMX Farm Official will buy chicks with the money raised at the ICO

  3.  HuastecaMX Farm Official will provide HuastecaMXToken holders with the certification of purchase of chicks and any other receipt for the construction of the dwelling

  4.  All HuastecaMXTokens sold at ICO will represent a physical chicken. Any not sold will be burn.


After ICO The Objectives Are The Following

  • The price of chicken will increase as the chickens mature, so the price of each HuastecaMXToken should be a value as such.

  • The chickens that represent HuastecaMXToken will be raised in HuastecaMXfarm where they will have eggs to sell from there.

  • Chicken reports will be provided to HuastecaMXToken holders in the Website

  • Sell ​​mature chicken eggs to egg resellers

  • Egg resellers will buy DEX HuastecaMXToken to order eggs

HuastecaMXToken Main Functions are

  1. This system in operation will ensure the immediate placement of the order, will assure part of the payment of such orders of eggs. By using the blockchain

  2. For HuastecaMXToken, purchase at the DEX with another Cryptocurrncy.

  3. HuastecaMXToken Holder to sell HuastecaMXToken to Egg Reseller in the Huasteca Region of Mexico.

  4. Resellers send HuastecaMXToken to the official Waves wallet of HuastecaMX Farms to order eggs with the specific information required to order their eggs.

  5.  The official Waves wallet from HuastecaMX farm will receive HuastecaMXToken from resellers and to collect the correct amount of eggs necessary to have the order ready for delivery / ready to collect.

  6. Egg Reseller will also receive a certain amount of eggs in exchange for HuastecaMXToken received. The amount of eggs exchange for HuastecaMXToken will be determined by the price of eggs at the average price of chicken in San Luis Potosí. The price of chicken will be determined by a website independent of the Mexican government, which gives the average price of chicken sold as food in San Luis Potosí.

  7. HuastecaMX farm Official Waves Wallet to sell HuastecaMXToken to Egg Resellers. Only in a DEX.


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